Michael Hjulmand

One word always comes to mind when encountering Michael - and that is, passion. Not only passion for hunting, but also for everything behind the scenes as well. He is passionate about the entire process, from the preparations before the hunt, to the different aspects of hunting. Weather it is duck hunting on open water or driven hunts with his dogs, Michael can do it all. However, the place he truly shines, is when other hunters lack knowledge, and that is the part, where the game meat becomes a fantastic meal. Hunting has always been and always will be for the meat, and Michael has a unique talent for using all parts of the animal to build and create a truly stunning experience for others. Seeing Michael work his magic over the open flames of the Ofyr grill, will never loose its charm.

Stephanie Lea Paulsen

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Philip Von Arenstorff

We were extremely happy to have Philip join our proteam as the first member back when Hunttech was founded. Philip has had a huge impact on our first product, the Tyrfing knife, and he continue to inspire us. Tough as nail and an absolute work horse, there is no stopping this guy from going on an adventure. And Hunttech is happy to join him. 

Gunnar & Alma

Professional arctic fox hunter Gunnar Guðmundsson and his wife Alma Rún Vignisdóttir chase some of the toughest animals in the extreme conditions of the volcanic island surrounded by the North Atlantic. They took Instagram by storm with their beautiful pictures of fox hunting tradition and Icelands epic scenery. 

Francesco Formisano

Italy / New Zealand
Francesco runs @altitudeandtrails with a group of hunters and veterinarians. He is a skilled wildlife photographer and artist and his captions are like poetry. His impact on the hunting community has been awarded with the Community Honour Award and he always brings new perspectives and thought provoking stories.  

Trine & Rikke Wagner Jacobsen

Fiery twins with a passion for hunting that was ignited early on by their father. When they are not in the outdoors, they are having lectures about their adventures like hiking the arctic circle or working as hunting guides in the canadian wilderness. 

Ulrik Ørskov

Ulrik is a gifted and skilled bowhunter which he has proven time and time again by recording his hunts for us all to enjoy and experience. He has won the Monocular video Awards three times in a row and is known on youtube for getting charged by a wild boar which he only escaped by kicking it in the face. Talk about true grit.  

Katharina & Olli

Germany & Sweden
From the dark German forest to the vast snow covered Swedish wilderness, Katharina & Olli are enjoying hunting in both countries. Growing up with hunting has created a strong bond to nature with a deep feeling of responsibility. Together with their Münsterländer and Chesapeake bay retriever they are leading a self-sufficient way of life with hunting, fishing, gathering and growing their own food.      

Lazar Obradovic

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Jörn Keno Johannsen

Hunter and long range shooter from northern Germany with a passion for putting gear to the test on his youtube channel. His name "Waldfein" is a family saying, rewritten and means "to dress up for the woods." Always prepared and in the right gear for the next adventure.   


Peter is a passionate hunter from Sweden with a great nordic aesthetic for conveying some of Swedens most demanding hunts. You will find him on skies after black grouse or capercaillie in the winter time which is his all time favorite. The high physical demands of the harsh terrain and the cold climate puts pressure on his equipment and it takes him to beautiful places which he captures for us all to see.  

Mario Neo

South Africa
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Jannick & Nilsi

Jannick and Nilsi are behind the koncept Freunde der jagd which means Friends of hunting. They love the management aspect where they keep a close eye on the fox and marten population with rifle and trap. Their core value is about community, sharing moments with friends, having fun and teaching young lads about hunting.

Nikolaj Juel

Nikolaj is a hunter and a renowned wild food chef. He is the author to several wild food books and he is passionate about teaching hunters how to utilize every part of the animal and cook delicious meals around a fire.