The silent hunter

For many years, we hunters have been good at wearing camouflage, but that only solves the visual part.
As a hunter, it is at least as important to be able to move silently, especially if you want to be very close to the prey.
Now the Danish designer darlings Hunttech have developed a pürsch sole that can help reduce the noise to a minimum.
The sole is called Vidst and is named after Vidar the Silent from Norse mythology.

When you need to hunt, you simply slip the sound-absorbing sole under over the regular hunting boots.
The large soft sole distributes the weight over a larger area, thereby reducing the risk of breaking twigs
and creating unwanted noise from gravel or dry leaves.
The cover sole is made of nylon with a layer of memory foam and is fastened with straps that are easily locked
with quick buckles. They can be used both to and from the shooting tower, or more obviously for the hunters who prefer pürsch

Size is one size and can be adjusted to fit most hunting boots