Surt – Grip Ball

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Hunttech Grip Ball
Designed by Hunttech

Always have the perfect grip on the hunt.

One-size: 28mm in diameter (flexible)
Weighs: 8 gram


Surt, Surtr, (‘The Black’), giant who is the ruler of the fire and guardian of the region of fire, Muspelheim. In the edda poem Vølvens Spådom and in Snorre’s Edda he is portrayed as a central demonic figure. With his shining weapon, he attacks and kills the unarmed Frey. Together with his fire giants, he burns heaven and earth, so that the whole world is swallowed up.
A planet and a star discovered by a Danish research group are named after names in Norse mythology.
The star will be named Muspelheim, while the planet orbiting it will be named Surt.
This has been decided by a vote, says Ole J. Knudsen, who is Denmark’s representative in the International Astronomical Union.
– This is the first exoplanet that Denmark has named, he says.

Additional information

Weight 008 kg
Dimensions 028 × 028 × 028 cm

Durable rubber


Desert Tan, Hunters Orange, Navy Seal Black


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